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Bed Bug Canine Detection & Treatment

Northeast Pest Control is pleased to offer the Capital Region’s Original Bed Bug Scent Detection Canine, Gator. Northeast Pest Control has been providing canine scent detection services for more than seven years to a variety of residential and commercial locations.  Some of these places include housing authorities, residential homes, offices, libraries, movie theaters, Federal, state, and local municipalities.

Northeast Pest Control will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is bed bug free, and if not our bed bug team is able to properly remediate the issue.

Bed Bug scent detection dogs can sniff out live bed bugs as well as eggs with up to 98% accuracy. Northeast Pest Control’s team will quickly and easily find bed bugs if they exist, and will guarantee we can eradicate any problem with various bed bug management approaches.

Northeast Pest Control utilizes a multi step approach to eliminate bed bugs.  Our combination approach includes thorough servicing with use of both chemical and non chemical means including steamers, hepa-vacuums, mattress encasements, bed bug defenders, heat tents, and other specialized tools and equipment.  After servicing is complete Northeast Pest Control will verify bed bug eradication with our scent detection canine which is backed up with our “live pest free” guarantee.

to learn more about our K9 Bed Bug Detection Division click here.

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