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Most moles live in underground burrows, where they search for food and tunnel in the dirt. If a mole does come to the surface of your yard, it is most likely by accident. Because of this, it’s hard to know about mole relationships, but most researchers believe moles are loners, living and traveling alone for the most part.

Color: a small burrowing insectivorous mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes
Legs: 4
Shape: Oval Body
Size: 7″
Antennae: False
Northeast Pest Control technician will arrive to your home in a timely manner once we receive your call and will do a visual inspection. Northeast Pest Control technician will first look for the following indicators of  Nuisance Wildlife: Live animal, feces, damage to property, rustling sound. These are all signs that you have Nuisance Wildlife in your home.
If a technician finds any form of Wildlife we will set up a personalized package just for your home and needs. Our packages include removal, treatment, pest proofing, and damage repair. We will use the least evasive method to remove unwanted Nuisance Wildlife removal from your home, providing you with peace of mind that you and your family will be pest free.

Many of Northeast Pest Control’s Nuisance Wildlife packages include a warranty on our services.

We guarantee your home will be Nuisance Wildlife free.

Moles will make their sleeping burrows in high, dry spots in the ground, but they like to hunt their food in shady, cool, moist soil. This is why moles often dig up well-watered parks and lawns.
Moles often den under large trees, buildings and sidewalks.
Moles are root destroyers. In their efforts at digging and finding food, moles will hurt vegetation by uprooting it. Lawn-mower blades can be mangled and destroyed when they move over mole tunnels and molehills.
In practice, packing the soil with a roller or reducing soil moisture may make an area less habitable for moles. Because moles feed largely on insects and worms, the use of certain insecticides to control these organisms may reduce their food supply, causing them to leave the area. However, before leaving, the moles may increase their digging in search of food, thereby possibly increasing damage to turf or garden areas.

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