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Common ant pest issues in Albany and why you need to care

While an ant invasion is a big hassle, the truth is the high level of organization and social strength that ant colonies possess is quite amazing. However, as house guests, ants can cause several problems and are a big headache for you and your family. 

If you want these tiny uninvited guests out of your home or office, you should call an expert team to help you get rid of your ant problem.  As a local, family-owned company, we have many years of experience providing outstanding support to families and businesses in Albany. You will notice the high quality of our service during the first interaction with our team.

There are more than 12,000 different species of ants in the world.  Fortunately, we don’t see that many different types of ants in Albany.  Locally, we have a few commonly spotted species – and our technicians are experts in the identification and remediation of them all.  Many times the ants we identify in our area are either carpenter ants, pavement ants or citronella ants.

Many ants can be valuable members of the ecosystem. However, when carpenter ants get onto your property and into your home, they can be a serious threat.  This happens when carpenter ants carve out long, winding tunnels where they will build their nests. When the integrity of the wood that is supporting your house’s structure is compromised and becomes weaker, it becomes dangerous and a threat to everyone living in your house.  To the untrained person, the damage caused by carpenter ants could be confused with termite damage. So it is extremely important that you have a professional identify which pest is the problem. 

Another type of common ant infestation is the one caused by pavement ants. Although this type of ant doesn’t represent a serious threat, they can contaminate food sources and they’re certainly unpleasant and annoying guests. They will invade your home looking for food – they eat almost anything from dead insects to crumbs.  While they do nest under the pavement of your sidewalk or driveway, they might also nest in your house walls, within the insulation or under floors.  

Another type of ant that can be present in the Albany area is citronella ants. Their name was given due to the odor they emit when they’re crushed or provoked. Citronella ants are harmless, but they’re still a nuisance pest.

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