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There’s nothing more terrifying than finding out there’s a nest in your yard or property. If you’re allergic or you’re simply scared of bees, this can become a huge problem in your property. Bees are usually docile, but they have been known to swarm during certain times of the year and to fend off perceived threats to their nests.

Proper and safe bee removal requires a professional who knows the right techniques, can obey the local laws and statutes that govern bee removal, and the right equipment. Northeast Pest Control technicians are trained to remove bees and prevent them from returning.

Types of Bees

There are several types of bees that you might see around your property. They vary in size, color, shape, and behavior. Most of them are docile, but will also defend their nests.

Honey Bees – One of the most common bees. They are slender, yellow and black. Honey bees will defend their nests, but they are also vital to the ecosystem. Removal of honey bees takes special care and licenses in some areas.

Bumble Bees – Large, hairy, bees that you often see flying around flowers. They build their nests underground and do not even have stingers. However, if threatened, they can bite.

Carpenter Bees – Look a lot like bumblebees, but they have smooth abdomens. These are solitary bees and they fly around to threaten, but rarely bite. Carpenter bees bore into wood to lay eggs so they can do damage to wooden structures around your home. You will often see the bees themselves or the large oval-shaped holes they leave in wood.

Africanized Honey Bees – Resemble honey bees except for their attitude. Africanized honey bees will attack any threat they perceive in force. They will also protect a much larger area than standard honey bees and will chase after threats much longer. They attack in huge numbers and literally try to sting to death any threat to their nests. If you run into Africanized honey bees, the best bet is to run as fast as you can for shelter and get medical attention for stings.

Control any pest issue with professionals

It is highly recommended that only professionals remove a bee’s nest from your property. Due to the nature of bees and the potential for bee stings, only a trained bee control technician will have the tools and training to remove bees safely and effectively.

It’s crucial you work with the best in Albany County, contact Northeast Pest Control and your problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

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