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Do you suspect that you have a carpenter ant infestation in your house or on your property? Even if you only suspect of the presence of these types of ants, call Northeast Pest Control to get a professional inspection.

Carpenter ants are very common in the whole Albany County area. Moreover, we have helped hundreds of families to get rid of carpenter ants before this pest causes serious and costly damage.  

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3 reasons why you need to get rid of carpenter ants

Ants can be integral members of the ecosystem. They help move nutrients through the soil as they travel and as they feed on decaying matter, they accelerate the decomposition process feeding nutrients back to the soil.  

However, if you have a carpenter ant infestation it can become a serious threat when they start nesting in your house’s structure. Here are three reasons to address your carpenter ant issue immediately.  

#1. Carpenter ants weaken your wood structure 

Many people mistakenly confuse carpenter ants with a termite infestation – and it’s easy to do. Both pests are found in the wood structure of your house and cause similar-looking tunnel-like damage. However, the main difference is that termites eat the wood while carpenter ants remove it to create long tunnels where they create nests. 

Regardless, the reality is that if you don’t control a carpenter ant issue quickly, these ants will hollow out the wood of your home and will make your structure weaker. This is a serious issue that threatens the integrity of your house and could threaten your family members. 

#2. Carpenter ants might cost you a lot of money

Replacing wood damaged by carpenter ants is one remodeling project you won’t want to do.  Depending on how long the issue persists, the damage could be extensive and expensive. If you treat a carpenter ant infestation quickly, hopefully, you will save yourself from the time and money you’ll have to put in repairing the damage.  

#3. Carpenter ants can damage the aesthetics of your house

Depending on the materials of your home, the damage could be behind walls or the wall itself.  If you let a carpenter ant issue persist, they could extend their nesting tunnels to areas that are on the exterior of your home.  That means the damage will be visible and you definitely don’t want that or anyone to notice!

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