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3 important reasons why you need a carpenter bee removal service in Albany County

Although carpenter bees are not much of a threat to humans and not aggressive like other types of bees, they don’t come without their problems.  And, this does not mean that they are a pest that you want sticking around your property. They are solitary insects that chew circular tunnels in wood in which to have their babies.  These holes which can be several inches up to several feet long damage the wood and affect the integrity of the strength of the wood. If you suspect you have a carpenter bee issue, here are three reasons why you want to have a professional pest control company take care of it quickly for you.  

  1. Although carpenter bees are typically not aggressive, the female bees can sting if they feel threatened. If you decide to handle the task of removing these bees from your house, they could try to defend themselves and attack. This means that you or any other member of your family is at risk of being stung.
  2. Another reason why you need to remove this type of bees as soon as you notice an infestation is that they can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home, deck, fence, or other wooden structure.  To create a place to lay their eggs, carpenter bees chew circular holes called galleries in wooden structures. In addition the galleries, which can reach 4-6” in length, the bee may also create longer tunnels that have been observed to be up to 10 feet long along with larger areas called cells for her young to develop!  It is possible that one bee can create multiple galleries and cells, therefore causing much damage to your property.  
  3. Finally, having an active bee infestation can make you, your family or your neighbors extremely nervous.  Many people are scared of bees and it is best to quickly eradicate the issue should you suspect it exists.  

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