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Bats, raccoons, and skunks are some of the most common wild animals that invade homes or infiltrate yards. Proactive nuisance wildlife pest control is necessary, as they can be frequent carriers of rabies, a disease that is potentially fatal if left untreated.

In fact, as many as 40,000 people each year in the United States are exposed to animals that might have rabies and must receive preventive treatments. Located in Albany County and you’re suffering problems with wildlife? Northeast Pest Control Services is here to help you.

Find the best alternative with Northeast Pest Control Services

Northeast Pest Control practices humane and safe nuisance wildlife removal. Northeast offers a complete service solution to your nuisance wildlife needs, including the removal, and exclusion of a variety of pests.  Nuisance animals can often pose a threat to your family and dwelling. They can create health problems through their feces and urine, and cause potential structural and fire hazards. Commonly when animals enter a structure for harborage they can cause damage to the interior and exterior areas.  Northeast specializes in repairing those areas, as well as cleaning and disinfecting.

Some common nuisance wildlife service calls we routinely handle are:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Groundhogs/Woodchucks
  • Moles
  • Opossums
  • And more…

Nuisance Wildlife services offered:

  • Trapping and Removal
  • Damage Repair
  • Pest Proofing
  • Roof Line to Foundation Seal Up
  • Insulation Removal
  • New Insulation Installation
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting
  • Deterrent Setups
  • Odor Control

Where it can create a problem


Bats can be commonly found nesting in homes and offices. They typically love living in attics. For bats that haven’t found their way into the house, a cave, tree, mine, or underside of a bridge can serve as a good bat home.


Most moles live in underground burrows, where they search for food and tunnel in the dirt. If a mole does come to the surface of your yard, it is most likely by accident. Because of this, it’s hard to know about mole relationships, but most researchers believe moles are loners, living and traveling alone for the most part.


Raccoons are being found all over the Capital Region with growing numbers. Their populations grow when food is more readily and easily available, which is why it is becoming more common to encounter a raccoon near or inside your home.

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Keep bugs and wildlife outside of your home or business with the professional pest and nuisance wildlife removal services that Northeast Pest Control offers to home and business owners in Albany County and surrounding areas.


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