Many times DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects can help you save time and money. There are hundreds of DIY tutorials for everything from tiling your shower to cooking a gourmet meal.  However, not every project benefits from a DIY solution and pest control is one of those.

Reasons to avoid DIY pest control projects

#1. Home-made remedies aren’t reliable

There are hundreds or even thousands of home-made remedies out there. Online “experts” will always say that they have a definite solution for any type of pest issue that you might have. However, this isn’t always the case.  While some home-made remedies can show you immediate relief, they could be only a temporary solution. The pests can return in a number of days only to have wasted your time and money.

Also, treating only the pest sighting is half of the solution.  The products a professional pest management company uses have gone through extensive testing to ensure that they are effective when applied properly.  In addition, pests can be present in places that you can’t see, but where a professional knows to inspect – such as in the walls, in your attic or other preferred habitats of that pest.  A professional pest expert will find and treat the source of the issue, ensuring that your pest problem goes away.

#2. You may fail to identify the type of pest that you have

One of the most common reasons why pest control Do-It-Yourself projects fail is that people don’t identify pests correctly.  Misidentifying a pest could cause you to use the wrong solution or strategy and prolong being pest-free.

A trained pest professional knows how to identify the pests in a variety of ways including pest habits, habitats, or remnants of matter left in their environment.  In addition to using the correct products, there are other strategies that a pest professional may employ as part of a comprehensive strategy to quickly and effectively eliminate a pest problem.

#3. You may use a product that affects your pets or kids

How do you know that a home-made concoction won’t harm your pets or children?  The extensive and rigorous testing that professional pest products have gone through includes knowing which can be around your pets and family, and which can not.  A pest management professional will know which products to use, how much to use, and how often re-application is necessary so that your family and pets remain out of harm’s way.

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