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Remove the rodents in your home by choosing Northeast Pest Control for nuisance wildlife removal services. Rats and mice can pose significant problems for home and business owners. Even though they may be cute to keep as pets, in the wild, they are disease-ridden animals that can cause damage and bring diseases into your home or office.

Regardless of whether your home or office is near the woods, by the river, or in the city, it is not immune to the invasion of rodents. Rely on our mice and rat extermination services in Albany County to address all of your rodent problems.

Our process to remove rodents from your home

In most parts of the United States, including Albany County, the house mouse is the most common rodent pest. They can breed rapidly, adapt quickly to changing conditions, and get into a space that is as small as the tip of your pinky. That’s why at Northeast Pest Control we make sure you won’t have to fear these pests in your home.

1. Inspect

Your Northeast Pest Control technician will arrive at your home in a timely manner. They will first complete a visual inspection. They will look for the following indicators of nuisance wildlife: live animals, feces, damage to property, or rustling sounds. These are all signs that you have nuisance wildlife in your home.

2. Remove & Treat

If our technician finds any form of wildlife, we will set up a personalized treatment plan for your home. Our packages include services such as removal, treatment, pest proofing, and damage repair. We will use the least invasive method to remove the unwanted nuisance wildlife from your home, providing you with peace of mind that you and your family will be pest free.

3. Guarantee

Many of Northeast Pest Control’s Nuisance Wildlife packages include a warranty on our services.

Work With a Reliable Pest Control Company

Keep bugs and wildlife outside of your home or business with the professional pest and nuisance wildlife removal services that Northeast Pest Control offers to home and business owners in Albany County and surrounding areas.


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