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You may never actually see a mole in your yard but you will certainly know if you have a mole problem.  Moles travel underground looking for their food. As they do, they can leave long mounds of raised soil.  These long trails are the telltale signs of a mole infestation.

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What do you need to know about moles?

It’s very difficult to avoid getting moles in your yard because they are animals that move underground from one place to another regardless of who owns the property.  Most of the time, they’re mostly peaceful animals and don’t transmit diseases to humans. Yet, there’s always a risk that moles have rabies, or that they are carriers to other pest issues such as fleas and ticks.

Although moles aren’t destroying your yard’s plants by eating them, they can cause damage to your yard because moles build tunnels and holes. Those tunnels and holes can provoke a disturbance in your plant roots and cause them to topple over.  Also, the unsteady surface can also make walking and mowing hard for you. In addition, there are high probabilities that those tunnels can be used by mice or other rodents, which could represent more pest issues in your garden and a hazard for your family.

The easiest solution to avoid yard mole infestations is prevention. This means that you should provide adequate maintenance to your yard on a regular basis. Yet, if you have identified moles in your yard, it’s better to call an expert since most DIY remedies don’t work they way homeowners want them to.  Many people report simply losing valuable time and money meanwhile the issue gets worse.

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