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Pest Control Control Services – Albany NY

Northeast Pest Control is a family owned and operated Pest Control Management firm. Northeast Pest Control has been serving the Albany and the greater Capital Region with quality pest control for over 35 years. Northeast specializes in the highest quality customer care, offering same day service. We offer you free pest control estimates, and provide complete information on your pest control management needs. A qualified inspector from Northeast Pest Control will outline what needs to be performed to treat your pest control problem, and design a custom tailored plan for your home.   A Northeast Pest Control service specialist can also suggest options for more permanent solutions for your home. This may consist of our Premiere Home Protection Program, a roof line to foundation seal up, or a variety of other construction, and pest services. 

Pest Control Services

Northeast Pest Control is your professional pest control management resource. We offer a full service guarantee so you can be confident with your decision. Northeast Pest Control cares about the safety of your home and the environment. Northeast is an Integrated Pest Management firm which utilizes the safest, most effective products on the market. We also offer Organic treatment options with the use of Ecosmart products for your home as a “green” alternative. The products are better for the environment so you can be confident that your family is safe. Northeast Pest Control also performs humane nuisance wildlife removal according to NYSPCA standards. The professional staff at Northeast Pest Control has over 35 years experience removing pests and pesky critters from your home. 

Pest Control Management

Northeast Pest Control is the pest control professional you can trust.  We offer an array of pest solutions including termites, carpenter ants, bees, wasps, bed bugs, roaches, rodents, spiders,bats, nuisance wildlife, and many other crawling and flying pests. Northeast Pest Control offers other specialized services to take care of any additional needs you may have.  We have a dedicated bed bug division which includes highly trained team members, and a specially trained scent detection canine. Northeast’s construction division, Northeast Home and Commercial Services can take care of any need ranging from, pest proofing to full remodeling and contracting services.  When you are considering a home purchase, have Northeast Pest Control inspect for any potential pest problems. Your home is a significant investment, make sure your property is safe for your family and pest free. Regular inspections can protect your family and your assets. Call or contact Northeast Pest Control for a home inspection today and see what it means when we say “Live Pest Free”

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